10 Ways to Calm Yourself Down

Life has a funny way of unfolding things in an abrupt manner. You never know what comes up next. While some experiences can be pleasantly life changing, there are others that leave us completely perplexed and shattered. Though we don’t have much control over these happenings, we can still gain an edge over how to react calmly in different scenarios. Let us take you through a few instant mood lifting techniques; you can apply while facing a low in your daily routine:

  • Stop whatever you’re doing- One of the most important ways of calming yourself down is to detach yourself from the current situation. Putting a pause at whatever you are doing helps in breaking the energy cycle around you. Withdraw yourself from whatever is upsetting you, and try to think about the calming thoughts or case scenarios. If you are at the workplace, amidst a crowd, excuse yourself and take a couple of minutes for yourself; if you are alone and something is bothering you, stop thinking about it and take a coffee break. Once rejuvenated, continue the work with a fresh mind and changed energy cycle.
  • Be reasonable- Once you withdraw yourself from the present state, and take a break, try to be reasonable enough and find the logic behind what’s upsetting you. There is a fair chance that whatever seems to be disheartening right now can be actually beneficial to you in the near future. Try not to apply the emotional quotient and rather think logically about the happening; things may actually appear less upsetting that very moment.
  • Breath mechanism- Breathing deeply while in a state of anger, helps in restoring oxygen, regulates brainwaves, decreases the lactate level in blood, thus creating a sense of immediate calmness to the mind and body. Try to breathe from your diaphragm and visualize a ball of white light representing love and acceptance rolling down your body. As you inhale, imagine this white light entering your body and as you exhale, imagine all the stress and anger warding off.
  • Give yourself a 10 second hug– Giving yourself a 10 second hug helps to instantly light up your mood. It helps in lowering stress level and fights fatigue. Pressing the belly and back at the same time helps in increasing the feel good hormone- Oxytocin, which helps in lowering the blood pressure and relaxes the immune system.
  • Try to smile– Whenever you are stuck in a stressful situation or problem, try to smile. Smiling helps to create positive emotions within the mind and helps to break the negative energy pattern around you. It boosts up the immune system and helps our body in releasing endorphin, which in turn reduces stress and pain.
  • Shut your eyes- Eyes are the window of soul and a major percentage of sensory stimulation comes in through eyes, hence shutting them while feeling angry or having anxiety issues, gives your brain a break. Closing eyes helps to combat stressful situations by helping you withdraw from the current set of circumstances and change the energy cycle.
  • Pressure point exercise- Performing the acupressure exercises provides instant relief from anxiety. The best part of acupuncture exercise is that you can perform them while attending a meeting, participating in a video call or doing any other stuff alongside. Pressing your thumb on the inside area of your wrist, that creates a crease, helps to relieve tension. Simultaneously, pressing the thumb of one hand on the center of the palm of another is very soothing.
  • Mantra Chanting- Memorize a positive statement and repeat it to yourself whenever you are feeling low. A statement like “this is a temporary state, and I am capable of handing it” or “I am sure I will get through this” would help to boost up your morale and make you realize that present is not permanent. No matter how bad the situation is today, there is always a better tomorrow ahead.
  • Doodle your thoughts- If you are not capable of giving words to your feelings, channelizing them into different forms of art, drawing, or painting can be therapeutic. Such creativity helps to calm down the nervous system and improves the problem solving skills. 
  • Distract and refocus – Distracting yourself from the ongoing stress or state of depression helps to distant you from grief. Self soothing activities like listening to music or taking a hot shower can be effective remedies. While taking a shower, focus on the tingling sensation created by the water. If there is a new bodywash or extract or shampoo, you have been waiting to you, this is the appropriate time to make use of it. New stimuli are often more effective than regular reactions and thus help in re gripping and re focusing your senses.

Do try out the above ways for attaining a state of calmness, instantly. We hope to have helped you in calming down your restlessness to some extent..For more insightful information on mental wellness, stress buster techniques, mindful daily routines, and speaking with our healers, follow us on https://www.misobo.in/mental-wellness/

5 Easy steps to self-healing

Be it seeking emotional freedom, establishing spiritual connection with the inner self, or wanting to get rid of any unwanted past experience, the answer to all is – Self discovery and healing. As much complicated the word may sound, the process to self healing is much simpler and a quicker one. While for some people, having a sound sleep can be a part of the healing process, for others, gardening, taking an evening stroll or reading a book can be therapeutic. 

Let’s take you through a journey of self-fulfillment and help you in knowing yourself better by following few quick steps to self healing:

  • Breathe work with enchants of OM: Breathing exercises are the most efficient healing techniques that help in releasing the stuck emotional energy and initiates detoxification. One tends to feel immediate wispy and light hearted as this energy flows within the body and mind. These exercises when performed along with the chants of OM manifolds into even better outcomes.

OM is considered as the voice of Universe and is the only reality which is supposed to exist before and after Life. This is why it is also known as “Pranava” or the energy that flows in our breath. It is a combination of three syllables (Au-Oh-Mm), the reverberation of which three times, is believed to cause immediate calm to the chaotic thoughts and provides rejuvenation. Research states that the vibrations produced while enchanting OM improves the efficiency of the Spinal Cord and fuels up the detoxification process of the body.

  • Walk and Live in the present: Anxiety and fear of unknown are the two crucial aspects that affect one’s emotional well being to the core. Both of these are a result of unfavorable experiences from the past or worries about the future, which hold no control over. Hence, living in the present and being completely conscious about the ongoing happenings help in gaining an edge over the moment. 
  • Mindful walking exercises can be an effective solution of learning how to live in the present. As one walks, with each step hitting the ground, one tends to get awareness about the portion of land covered while moving ahead and gives a realization of living in the moment.
  • Simultaneously closely observing the breathe cycle while moving, helps to attain a sense of living in the present. When the in breathe matches with the out breathe a stable amount of energy flows within the body that helps to release the stress and provides instant calmness.
  • One min rejuvenation exercises:While you are all caught in amidst of the chaos and busy work schedules, deriving a 5 min break out of it, is mandatory to feel energized and continue working with full zeal. Such intermissions break the already flowing energy cycle, put your thoughts to a pause and re-channelize it to the spot with an increased momentum. Do have a look at the most common 1 min break exercise:
  • Take your palms together in front of you and rub them quickly for 30-60 secs to feel some warmth.
  • Hold your hands facing towards each other at a distance of a few inches and experience the energy flowing in between them
  • Continue to work with this energy.
  • Play with the Ball of energy: One of the most prominent and instant healing therapy of all the times is the ball of energy therapy where in a superficial ball is created and rolled throughout the body healing the  pain or negativity if any. Here is what you do to play with the energy ball:
  • Rub the two palms for a few seconds and place them in a position where they face each other.
  • Move them in and out, upwards and downwards and imagine that you are creating a ball of light.
  • Now place this ball on the body part that requires healing and slowly roll it towards the other body parts as well.
  • Make sure to deeply breathe in and out while rolling this ball.
  • Imagine of exhaling the pain or unrest from the body parts and inhaling happiness and rest.
  • Continue this exercise for 5 mins and you will realize the pain or stress would eventually diminish.
  • Charge yourself: 
  • Place your right palm on your body’s energy centre i.e. the area above the navel. Now place the left palm on the top of your right palm.
  • Breathe in for 2 counts, hold for one count and breathe out for two.
  • While performing the breathing exercise, imagine the energy flowing through your navel to your palms to the hands and finally to the rest of body.
  • Be aware of the energy flowing to each body part and healing the tiredness.
  • Repeat this activity for 5 mins and continue to work fully rejuvenated.

Perform the above healing exercises for quick relief from tiredness or fatigue. However, we are more than happy to lend you ears if you want to talk out. Speak with our experts across the country and seek our help on matters related to health, relationships, work or what not.

We hope to have helped you in calming down your restlessness to some extent..For more insightful information on mental wellness, stress buster techniques, mindful daily routines, and speaking with our healers, follow us on https://www.misobo.in/mental-wellness/

8 benefits of energy healing

You may have heard the words aura or space quite a lot in the general talking sense. This space surrounding a human body has an energy field of its own, often influenced by negative vibrations causing despair. Energy healing is basically the process of cleansing and detoxifying these invisible forces and energy patterns so that they work in accordance with the body and create a positive impact. 

While there are a lot of energy healing techniques like Reiki, contact healing or therapeutic touch, it’s more crucial to understand the benefits that energy healing causes. Let’s take you through some key benefits of the process- 

  • Balances the mind and body– Energy healing not only targets the physical being, rather uplifts the inner spectra i.e. mind, body and soul. The infused positive energy influences the practitioner’s general attitude towards life, improves their decision making abilities, problem solving skills and overall perspective making it positive.
  • Unblocks the energy pathways- Energy healing ensures that the positive energy is transmitted throughout the body. Often, there are barriers in the pathways of this energy in terms of past bad experiences, rigid human behavior, emotional distress or ambiguity of thoughts. Healing unlocks these pathways and provides clarity of thoughts by keeping these passages clear.
  • Helps to live in the present- Anxiety and fear of unknown are the two crucial aspects that affect one’s emotional well being to the core. Both of these are a result of unfavorable experiences from the past or worries about the future, which hold no control over. Healing helps to focus on the current mind state and gives a sense of embracing events with a positive attitude as and when life unfolds.
  • Detoxification- Our mind and body becomes a hoarder of the negative vibrations one throws towards us. These emotions result into a number of setbacks like anxiety, trouble sleeping, unrest or fatigue. Not only does this negative energy has a negative impact our body, but also drains out our mind causing exhaustion, mood swings, or immune system breakdown. Energy healing helps to detoxify the energy flowing within our body and around us, and wipes off the negativity.
  • Improvised Focus- Healing therapies helps to clear the pending or ambiguous thoughts in mind. It puts an ending to the huge and unnecessary heap of superficial problems created due to over thinking by channelizing the energy towards a more productive medium. Hence, it leads to improvement in the concentration power and focus.
  • Fuels up the healing rate- Everybody has a self healing mechanism, the rate of which might differ due to distinct pattern of energies prevalent in the mind and body. Healing energy helps to gain a grip over the bodily problems like high or low blood pressure, breathing issues, blood circulation, thus helping one to attain a natural state which further accelerates the rate of self healing.
  • Helps in Socializing: Energy healing fuels up the release of Oxytocin- The calming hormone, which triggers a sense of trust and social bonding among people, and further helps in maintaining healthy relationships giving no room for misconceptions or pre conceived notions. A practitioner of energy healing therapies develops the quality of compassion and right amount of care for fellow beings.
  • Improves intra personal relationship: Not only does healing helps to improve the relationships with the fellow beings, but also improvises your relationship with inner self. The inner voice is the voice of conscience and acts as a guiding light for you to achieve your goals and happiness. Healing acts a bridge between you and your inner voice. If the energy flowing within your body is positive, you always tend to hear to your inner voice and take informed and calculated decisions.

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8 mindfulness habits you can practice everyday

Mindfulness is the simple feeling of awareness. Being able to live in the moment and appreciate the present, rather than dwelling in the regrets of past or worries about the future. With the ever increasing hustle and bustle of modern day routine, it has become very crucial to practice mindfulness as it helps to eradicate stress and ensures a balanced life.

As simple as the word sounds, the more critical it is to actually imply and follow mindfulness in the everyday routine. Let us take you through a few simple life hacks aiming towards adopting a mindful and comprehensive thought process-

  • Sit back and relax-

 Before starting the day and juggling between the everyday chores, spare a few minutes for yourself and sit comfortably, putting a pause to the ongoing traffic of thoughts in your head. Realize that it’s a new morning and anything that has happened yesterday has nothing to do with how you plan today’s schedule. Prepare yourself for the important happenings of today and make a promise of staying positive throughout the day, irrespective of what unfolds.

  • Focus on your breathe cycle- 

Gaining an edge over the prana vayu is the most important concept of mindful living and self healing. One who is conscious about his breathing pattern, gets an awareness about living in the present. While sitting in a relaxing posture before beginning the day, take a few deep breaths (inhale-stop-exhale) and be aware about the present moment. Not only this activity helps as a stress buster, but also clears the blocked passages in your brain and ensures that oxygen is carried to each body part.

  • Learn from Nature

 You do not need to create a hole in your pocket while travelling outdoors for learning from nature. A morning stroll in the neighborhood, an evening walk to a nearby farm or park, or a simple sky gazing activity at your terrace is sufficed for you to realize the beauty of almighty’s creations. Feel the breeze in your face, see the flowers bloom, experience the seasons change, and become aware about your presence and importance. While the different personifications of nature are performing their duties, you being fortunate enough to have taken birth in a human race, definitely have a purpose behind your existence. Realize your self worth..!

  • Meditate- 

The process of connecting with the real self can be termed as meditation. It comes with due course of time and practice, as shutting down the worldly distractions is not an easy task. While for some people, performing yoga can be a form of meditation, for others, creating an art piece can be meditating. Anything that disconnects you from the negativity of outside world and gives you ample of opportunity to explore within yourself, is a mindful habit.

  • Stop multi tasking- 

While the corporate culture today demands of more and more multi tasking professionals, it is important to know that mindfulness never comes with a multi tasking attitude. Switching between various tasks and never being able to accomplish any one, leads to uncalled stress, delays, and errors. Mindfulness calls for picking up a single task at a time, and being accountable to complete it with a greater degree of accuracy. 

  • Take a deep sleep- 

It can be interesting to know that sleeping is also a form of meditation. A deep sleep not only relaxes the senses, but also rejuvenates the mind and body to the core. While one is sleeping, the rate of metabolism in the brain fuels up leading to the growth and development of the human body. This is why one can continue to work with full energy and zeal after being awake from the sleep.

  • Be Kind & Compassionate- 

Nothing is better than extending a helping hand to someone in need. To put an end to ones’ own despair, it’s always important to listen to those who are in a worse situation and feel thankful for your current state. Volunteering, offering advice, making donations makes you considerate and fills your heart with compassion and gratitude. No feeling is as gratifying as is the feeling of being kind.

  • Let the feelings flow-

 One of the most aspects of being mindful is to embrace who you are and what you feel. Irrespective of whether you are encountering affirmative emotions or gloom ridden sentiments, it’s important to acknowledge them all. Resisting a particular emotional response to a situation is not mindfulness, rather letting the emotions flow freely is part of evolving.

10 things you should know about self-healing

We often get a feeling of a void or emptiness inside our minds, but amidst our busy schedules, we tend to suppress this feeling and get engrossed in the worldly distractions. We keep going back to the old track of routines, regular habits and thought patterns, with which we’ve become comfortable, and somehow term the process of self healing as ineffective and monotonous. But it’s crucial to understand a few basic pointers about self healing and how does it works-

Acknowledgement- The first step to self healing is acknowledging the void or the feeling of despair. You must realize and embrace that there are things and events that are distorting your current emotional state and you need to a solution to them.

Let the feelings flow- Resisting to a particular emotion in a situation acts as a major blockage in your journey of healing. Being sad in a situation of despair or grief does not makes you any less and is not a sign of being weak. Let your feelings freely flow within your mind and do not hesitate to express them.

Give yourself time- Do not be harsh upon yourself. Healing is a time taking process. Changing your entire thought process and routine is not an easy task. Determine how much time you want to dedicate to self healing. More or less, even a 5 min span is good to start with. Realize that consistency is the key to success. Once you march towards your goal of wholeness, you may increase the time accordingly.

No comparison please- While some people can heal in a short span of merely few days, others might take years of therapies to heal. Do not compare your progress with that of your fellow beings. Everyone has a different life experience, and hence the time taken to heal is also different.

It’s now or never- Every moment gives the opportunity to heal. There is no tomorrow to start self care. If you don’t start off now, there is a fair chance of you leading a life with less happiness or more stress, which can be curbed if you start the self healing process today.

Speak up- If it’s difficult for you to acknowledge your feelings, talk to positive friends or healers. Creating a superficial heap or mountain of problems results into unnecessary stress. 95% of the problems arising out of over thinking are not even real challenges and just paves the way for uninvited depression. It’s always better to talk out about your issues to a healer who can provide effective solutions or remedies.

Look within- Self healing happens only when you have the willingness to change the exiting patterns. No exercise sessions, meditation or therapy would help you till you don’t have gain the willingness to heal yourself. You need to look within and realize if a specific therapy is working out for you. If not, be ready to change it and adapt to something new. Stop looking for the solutions outside, and start looking within.

Visualization- The process of self healing can be kick started once you realize the positive consequences it will lead to. Visualize yourself after being completely healed and see a vision of completeness. The joy and positivity that you will feel after attaining this stage fuels up the process of healing.

Forgiveness- Healing begins at the moment, you decide to let go of the past and forgive yourself or others for committing a mistake. Living with guilt continuously trigger regrets and disappointments in the mind which torturing for the soul. Carrying the burden of emotional baggage acts as a barrier in the self healing process. Henceforth, you need to peacefully let go of things or people who are toxic for your intellectual growth.

Stop impressing, Start expressing- Remember the fact that you cannot make everyone happy. Living your life on the terms of society in order to create an ideal image of yourself is a fatal idea. There will always be somebody whose expectations are not met by your actions. So you should try creating a life that at least makes you content and satisfied.
At some point, we have stopped caring about ourselves and have got way too much indulged in making the ends meet for work, relationships or material desires. But, among all this chaos, the true purpose of staying happy and satisfied has turned futile. Healing doesn’t comes to you instantly, but the process of beginning to acknowledge and embrace yourself can start today..!

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9 Ways to Get Rid of Anxiety in 5 Minutes or Less

While you are feeling anxious and caught up in a situation of stress or tension, unknowingly you might do activities that add up to your anxiety levels, further deteriorating your present state. Higher levels of anxiety result in panic attacks, sweating, trembling or even fatigue. However, you may follow the below hacks that help in reducing the anxiety levels instantly.

Question yourself- While you are feeling anxious or angry about something, the brain tends to function in a repulsive manner. You start visualizing hypothetical things and unrealistic thoughts. As soon as you get these outlandish ideas, start questioning yourself if the worry is realistic, or whether the consequences you are thinking would actually occur, or what could be the worst case scenario and what harm it can do to you. You will feel an immediate sense of calm and relief from stress once you are being reasonable.

Distract yourself- Withdraw yourself from the current state and try to set your focus on something else. Listen to music, get some fresh air, have a glass of water or grab yourself something to munch. Distracting helps to break the ongoing pattern of negativity around you and gives immediate relief from anxiety.

Visualization therapy- Visualize yourself at a peaceful place, among the mountains or at a beach watching a sunset. Imagine that the clouds passing by or the shuttling leaves are your emotions and watch them float by. Now, realize the fact that your present state of mind is temporary and the anxiety shall go away soon.

Monkey stretch- This exercise helps to unblock the passage taking energy to different parts of the body and releases the stuck tension. Bring your hands in front of you (arms stretched), then put the arms down. Then bring your arms to your side and then down. Finally bring the arms all the way past your head and then put down, with your head dangling between your knees, and stay in this posture for a while.

The triple five activity- While you are feeling anxious, perform the triple 5 activity to gain a grip over the senses and situation. Look around and name any five things you see, list any five sounds you hear and move any 5 parts of the body (rotate your shoulders, nod your head, clap your hands etc) . This activity helps to lower the anxiety levels instantly.

Focus on the present- While anxiety drifts in, the most common thought that terrifies people is the fear about future. People get worried about the overcomes of something that might not ever happen. For instance, what if it’s not a panic attack and rather a heart attack. However in such a situation, one needs to pause, break and re focus. If the present state actually has difficult or challenging outcomes, focusing on the situation with a relaxed state of mind might help to provide solutions.

Superman pose- The superman pose or the airplane posture helps to gain relaxation from stress and improves the ability to focus. Keep your arms and hands stretched out in front of you and lie on the floor keeping your belly inwards. Extend your arms in front of you and legs towards the back side and hold them straight. Stay in this posture for about 10 secs to feel instant calm.

The breathe work- Perform the 4 square exercise to seek immediate relief from anxiety. Inhale, hold and exhale all up to the count of four. Rest upto the count of four and begin with the step one. Make sure that the breathe work is done from diaphragm and not nose. This breathing exercise helps to calm down the over aroused anxious state of mind.
Be the third person- While you are feeling anxious or stressed about something, detach yourself from the moment and visualize your reaction as a third person who is not a part of this happening. Realize and do a small talk with yourself, whether the current behaving pattern you are following is correct or not. Is the happening worthy of giving so much anxiety to you? What would be your advice to a friend of yours stuck in a similar situation. This activity lowers down the anxiety levels instantly.

Hyper tension or anxiety is never good to a human body, mind or soul and demands immediate attention. Follow the above steps to get rid of anxiety levels in lesser than 5 minutes. However, if it keeps coming to you, do consult a therapist or a healer to figure out the root cause and know the best possible remedies for it. For more insightful information on mental wellness, stress buster techniques, mindful daily routines, and speaking with our healers, follow us on https://www.misobo.in/mental-wellness/

5 powerful mantras for meditation

Mantras are the soul of Hinduism and have been a part of our culture since ages. These are magical vibrations, the enunciation of which creates a magnetic field around us and transform the negative thoughts into positive ones. These sacred enchants when spelled out repeatedly, cleanses up the mind and body, reduces anxiety and help in achievement of desired results.

Yogis and saints have been following the tradition of enchanting mantras to meditate since time immemorial. These sacred chants enable an individual to re connect with the inner self and boosts up the concentration power, thus aligning the universe in parity with what is being manifested. Mantra Japa is an old age tradition which is not only unique to Hinduism, but is also a part of other predominant religions like Buddhism and Jainism. Be it, pleasing deities, performing a spiritual conduit, seeking protection against enemies and establishing a connection with oneself, mantra enchanting has been the core of all.

Let’s take you through a journey of self-fulfilment and help you in knowing yourself better by enchanting the below mantras while meditating:

OM –

Aum or Om is the fundamental and most powerful mantra of Hinduism. It is considered as the voice of Universe and is the only reality which is supposed to exist before and after Life. This is why the mantra is also known as “Pranava” or the energy that flows in our breath. It is a combination of three syllables (Au-Oh-Mm) , the reverberation of which three times, is believed to cause immediate calm to the chaotic thoughts in our mind and provides rejuvenation. Research states that the vibrations produced while enchanting Aum improves the efficiency of the Spinal Cord and fuels up the detoxification process of the body.

Om Namah Shivaya –

This mantra is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is the most significant mantra of Shaivism and one of the most important mantra of Hinduism. The three Syllables stand for the below-

Om- The Voice of Universe

Namah- Bowing down

Shivaya- Lord Shiva who is perceived as ones’ Inner Self

The chant literally means paying a tribute to ones’ deepest inner self. Research states the relevance of the five key syllables of the mantra- Na, Ma, Si, Va, Ya with the five sense organs of the body and enchanting it repeatedly is believed to cure all diseases associated with these organs and refine the sense of sight, hearing, smelling, tasting and feeling. Vedic Scriptures also relate these syllables with the 5 core components of existence – Earth, Water, Fire , Air and Void.

Gayatri Mantra-

Om bhūr bhuvaḥ svaḥ
tát savitúr váreṇ(i)yaṃ
bhárgo devásya dhīmahi
dhíyo yó naḥ prachodayat”

The Gayatri Mantra is one of the most powerful mantra enchanted while meditating and has its origin from the Rigveda. It pays a tribute to the Sun God and the Divine Light, who is contemplated as the creator of Universe.


“Oh Divine Light, we pray and meditate on you and pleed to you take away the negativity and darkness from our lives, and illuminate our intellect”

Enchanting the pious Gayatri Mantra every day in the morning helps to gain control over the emotional state and stay positive even in dire circumstances.

Ganesh Mantra-

“Om Gum Ganapatayei Namah”

This mantra is dedicated to Lord Ganesha who is widely known as the Lord of Beginnings. As per mythological records, Lord Ganesha has been granted a boon, of being worshipped at the first and foremost place before beginning any religious procession or worshipping any other deity. Meditating and enchanting this mantra is believed to remove all the obstacles and challenges that life throws at an individual and helps him in achieving the life goals.

Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra-

“Om tryambakam yajaamahe
sugandhim pushthivardhanam;
Urvaarukamiva bandhanaan
Mrityormuksheeya maamritaat”

Dedicated to lord Shiva, the Mahamrityunjaya mantra , like the Gayatri mantra has its association with the Rigveda. Known by several names like the Rudra mantra, it highlights the enraged aspect of the Lord, the Tryambak mantra referring to the third eye of Lord Shiva, this enchant effects the physical, mental and emotional well-being of a yogi in a positive light.


“Oh three eyed lord, who is a supreme being, we worship you to bestow growth and nourishment. As a fruit is released from its bondage, free us from the cycle of birth and death”

Believe it or not but this mantra is also known as the Mrita Sanjivani mantra that has life restoring power and enchanting it every day, tends to protect human life by avoiding and curbing any unknown or unpredictable miss happening leading to damage or loss of life…!

Enchant the above mentioned mantras every day while meditating, and embark yourself on a spiritual journey to establish a connect with the inner self for healing and rejuvenation of mind and body.

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