16 steps of performing pooja at home

Worshiping the almighty has an enormous significance in our country and doing that in the perfect manner with proper “Vidhi and Vidhaan” is the key to yielding the best said results.

God is worshiped in different ways across the globe however the most acceptable form in our country and religion is “Pooja” the Shodasa Upachara.

By following the Shodasa Upachara Puja we express gratitude and honor to the Almighty God.

Come join hands with us and follow the 16 steps of Hindu puja vidhi:

  1. Dhyaanam: Meditating and praying to the almighty.
  2. Avaahanam: Welcoming and inviting god.
  3. AAsanam: Arranging for a seat or asana for god.
  4. PaDyam: Washing the feet of the almighty.
  5. Arghyam: Providing water to wash the hands and the mouth of god.
  6. Aachamanam: Offering god some water to drink.
  7. Snanam: Offering water to cleanse the almighty from head to toe.
  8. Vastram: Dressing up god with fresh clothes.
  9. Yognopaveetham: A sacred thread for the Almighty.
  10. Gandham: Sandalwood paste for god.
  11. Pushpam: Offering fresh flowers to god.
  12. Dhupam: Spreading the smoke of incense sticks to god.
  13. Deepam: Lighting of lamps or diyas.
  14. Naivedyam: Offering fresh food to god.
  15. Taambulam: Beetal nuts and leaves for the almighty.
  16. Pradakshina and Namaskaram: Walking around god and biding adieu.

Out of the above 16 steps five steps hold utmost priority and are known as “Pancha Upacharas”.

These are supposed to involve our five senses:

Gandham: Refers to the “Touch”, the spread of sandalwood to cool the skin.
Pushpam: Refers to “Hearing”, the offering of flowers while enchanting God’s name.
Dhoopam: Refers to “Smell”, the fragrance of the incense sticks offered to God.
Deepam: Refers to “Sight”, the beauty of the illuminating lamps.
Naivedyam: Refers to “Taste”, the food offered to the Almighty.

This makes us all ready for performing our daily sacred practice of worshiping the almighty with proper vidhi and vidhaan giving us the peace and positivity we need to elevate ourselves.

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