10 things you should know about self-healing

We often get a feeling of a void or emptiness inside our minds, but amidst our busy schedules, we tend to suppress this feeling and get engrossed in the worldly distractions. We keep going back to the old track of routines, regular habits and thought patterns, with which we’ve become comfortable, and somehow term the process of self healing as ineffective and monotonous. But it’s crucial to understand a few basic pointers about self healing and how does it works-

Acknowledgement- The first step to self healing is acknowledging the void or the feeling of despair. You must realize and embrace that there are things and events that are distorting your current emotional state and you need to a solution to them.

Let the feelings flow- Resisting to a particular emotion in a situation acts as a major blockage in your journey of healing. Being sad in a situation of despair or grief does not makes you any less and is not a sign of being weak. Let your feelings freely flow within your mind and do not hesitate to express them.

Give yourself time- Do not be harsh upon yourself. Healing is a time taking process. Changing your entire thought process and routine is not an easy task. Determine how much time you want to dedicate to self healing. More or less, even a 5 min span is good to start with. Realize that consistency is the key to success. Once you march towards your goal of wholeness, you may increase the time accordingly.

No comparison please- While some people can heal in a short span of merely few days, others might take years of therapies to heal. Do not compare your progress with that of your fellow beings. Everyone has a different life experience, and hence the time taken to heal is also different.

It’s now or never- Every moment gives the opportunity to heal. There is no tomorrow to start self care. If you don’t start off now, there is a fair chance of you leading a life with less happiness or more stress, which can be curbed if you start the self healing process today.

Speak up- If it’s difficult for you to acknowledge your feelings, talk to positive friends or healers. Creating a superficial heap or mountain of problems results into unnecessary stress. 95% of the problems arising out of over thinking are not even real challenges and just paves the way for uninvited depression. It’s always better to talk out about your issues to a healer who can provide effective solutions or remedies.

Look within- Self healing happens only when you have the willingness to change the exiting patterns. No exercise sessions, meditation or therapy would help you till you don’t have gain the willingness to heal yourself. You need to look within and realize if a specific therapy is working out for you. If not, be ready to change it and adapt to something new. Stop looking for the solutions outside, and start looking within.

Visualization- The process of self healing can be kick started once you realize the positive consequences it will lead to. Visualize yourself after being completely healed and see a vision of completeness. The joy and positivity that you will feel after attaining this stage fuels up the process of healing.

Forgiveness- Healing begins at the moment, you decide to let go of the past and forgive yourself or others for committing a mistake. Living with guilt continuously trigger regrets and disappointments in the mind which torturing for the soul. Carrying the burden of emotional baggage acts as a barrier in the self healing process. Henceforth, you need to peacefully let go of things or people who are toxic for your intellectual growth.

Stop impressing, Start expressing- Remember the fact that you cannot make everyone happy. Living your life on the terms of society in order to create an ideal image of yourself is a fatal idea. There will always be somebody whose expectations are not met by your actions. So you should try creating a life that at least makes you content and satisfied.
At some point, we have stopped caring about ourselves and have got way too much indulged in making the ends meet for work, relationships or material desires. But, among all this chaos, the true purpose of staying happy and satisfied has turned futile. Healing doesn’t comes to you instantly, but the process of beginning to acknowledge and embrace yourself can start today..!

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