10 Ways to Calm Yourself Down

Life has a funny way of unfolding things in an abrupt manner. You never know what comes up next. While some experiences can be pleasantly life changing, there are others that leave us completely perplexed and shattered. Though we don’t have much control over these happenings, we can still gain an edge over how to react calmly in different scenarios. Let us take you through a few instant mood lifting techniques; you can apply while facing a low in your daily routine:

  • Stop whatever you’re doing- One of the most important ways of calming yourself down is to detach yourself from the current situation. Putting a pause at whatever you are doing helps in breaking the energy cycle around you. Withdraw yourself from whatever is upsetting you, and try to think about the calming thoughts or case scenarios. If you are at the workplace, amidst a crowd, excuse yourself and take a couple of minutes for yourself; if you are alone and something is bothering you, stop thinking about it and take a coffee break. Once rejuvenated, continue the work with a fresh mind and changed energy cycle.
  • Be reasonable- Once you withdraw yourself from the present state, and take a break, try to be reasonable enough and find the logic behind what’s upsetting you. There is a fair chance that whatever seems to be disheartening right now can be actually beneficial to you in the near future. Try not to apply the emotional quotient and rather think logically about the happening; things may actually appear less upsetting that very moment.
  • Breath mechanism- Breathing deeply while in a state of anger, helps in restoring oxygen, regulates brainwaves, decreases the lactate level in blood, thus creating a sense of immediate calmness to the mind and body. Try to breathe from your diaphragm and visualize a ball of white light representing love and acceptance rolling down your body. As you inhale, imagine this white light entering your body and as you exhale, imagine all the stress and anger warding off.
  • Give yourself a 10 second hug– Giving yourself a 10 second hug helps to instantly light up your mood. It helps in lowering stress level and fights fatigue. Pressing the belly and back at the same time helps in increasing the feel good hormone- Oxytocin, which helps in lowering the blood pressure and relaxes the immune system.
  • Try to smile– Whenever you are stuck in a stressful situation or problem, try to smile. Smiling helps to create positive emotions within the mind and helps to break the negative energy pattern around you. It boosts up the immune system and helps our body in releasing endorphin, which in turn reduces stress and pain.
  • Shut your eyes- Eyes are the window of soul and a major percentage of sensory stimulation comes in through eyes, hence shutting them while feeling angry or having anxiety issues, gives your brain a break. Closing eyes helps to combat stressful situations by helping you withdraw from the current set of circumstances and change the energy cycle.
  • Pressure point exercise- Performing the acupressure exercises provides instant relief from anxiety. The best part of acupuncture exercise is that you can perform them while attending a meeting, participating in a video call or doing any other stuff alongside. Pressing your thumb on the inside area of your wrist, that creates a crease, helps to relieve tension. Simultaneously, pressing the thumb of one hand on the center of the palm of another is very soothing.
  • Mantra Chanting- Memorize a positive statement and repeat it to yourself whenever you are feeling low. A statement like “this is a temporary state, and I am capable of handing it” or “I am sure I will get through this” would help to boost up your morale and make you realize that present is not permanent. No matter how bad the situation is today, there is always a better tomorrow ahead.
  • Doodle your thoughts- If you are not capable of giving words to your feelings, channelizing them into different forms of art, drawing, or painting can be therapeutic. Such creativity helps to calm down the nervous system and improves the problem solving skills. 
  • Distract and refocus – Distracting yourself from the ongoing stress or state of depression helps to distant you from grief. Self soothing activities like listening to music or taking a hot shower can be effective remedies. While taking a shower, focus on the tingling sensation created by the water. If there is a new bodywash or extract or shampoo, you have been waiting to you, this is the appropriate time to make use of it. New stimuli are often more effective than regular reactions and thus help in re gripping and re focusing your senses.

Do try out the above ways for attaining a state of calmness, instantly. We hope to have helped you in calming down your restlessness to some extent..For more insightful information on mental wellness, stress buster techniques, mindful daily routines, and speaking with our healers, follow us on https://www.misobo.in/mental-wellness/

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