5 Easy steps to self-healing

Be it seeking emotional freedom, establishing spiritual connection with the inner self, or wanting to get rid of any unwanted past experience, the answer to all is – Self discovery and healing. As much complicated the word may sound, the process to self healing is much simpler and a quicker one. While for some people, having a sound sleep can be a part of the healing process, for others, gardening, taking an evening stroll or reading a book can be therapeutic. 

Let’s take you through a journey of self-fulfillment and help you in knowing yourself better by following few quick steps to self healing:

  • Breathe work with enchants of OM: Breathing exercises are the most efficient healing techniques that help in releasing the stuck emotional energy and initiates detoxification. One tends to feel immediate wispy and light hearted as this energy flows within the body and mind. These exercises when performed along with the chants of OM manifolds into even better outcomes.

OM is considered as the voice of Universe and is the only reality which is supposed to exist before and after Life. This is why it is also known as “Pranava” or the energy that flows in our breath. It is a combination of three syllables (Au-Oh-Mm), the reverberation of which three times, is believed to cause immediate calm to the chaotic thoughts and provides rejuvenation. Research states that the vibrations produced while enchanting OM improves the efficiency of the Spinal Cord and fuels up the detoxification process of the body.

  • Walk and Live in the present: Anxiety and fear of unknown are the two crucial aspects that affect one’s emotional well being to the core. Both of these are a result of unfavorable experiences from the past or worries about the future, which hold no control over. Hence, living in the present and being completely conscious about the ongoing happenings help in gaining an edge over the moment. 
  • Mindful walking exercises can be an effective solution of learning how to live in the present. As one walks, with each step hitting the ground, one tends to get awareness about the portion of land covered while moving ahead and gives a realization of living in the moment.
  • Simultaneously closely observing the breathe cycle while moving, helps to attain a sense of living in the present. When the in breathe matches with the out breathe a stable amount of energy flows within the body that helps to release the stress and provides instant calmness.
  • One min rejuvenation exercises:While you are all caught in amidst of the chaos and busy work schedules, deriving a 5 min break out of it, is mandatory to feel energized and continue working with full zeal. Such intermissions break the already flowing energy cycle, put your thoughts to a pause and re-channelize it to the spot with an increased momentum. Do have a look at the most common 1 min break exercise:
  • Take your palms together in front of you and rub them quickly for 30-60 secs to feel some warmth.
  • Hold your hands facing towards each other at a distance of a few inches and experience the energy flowing in between them
  • Continue to work with this energy.
  • Play with the Ball of energy: One of the most prominent and instant healing therapy of all the times is the ball of energy therapy where in a superficial ball is created and rolled throughout the body healing the  pain or negativity if any. Here is what you do to play with the energy ball:
  • Rub the two palms for a few seconds and place them in a position where they face each other.
  • Move them in and out, upwards and downwards and imagine that you are creating a ball of light.
  • Now place this ball on the body part that requires healing and slowly roll it towards the other body parts as well.
  • Make sure to deeply breathe in and out while rolling this ball.
  • Imagine of exhaling the pain or unrest from the body parts and inhaling happiness and rest.
  • Continue this exercise for 5 mins and you will realize the pain or stress would eventually diminish.
  • Charge yourself: 
  • Place your right palm on your body’s energy centre i.e. the area above the navel. Now place the left palm on the top of your right palm.
  • Breathe in for 2 counts, hold for one count and breathe out for two.
  • While performing the breathing exercise, imagine the energy flowing through your navel to your palms to the hands and finally to the rest of body.
  • Be aware of the energy flowing to each body part and healing the tiredness.
  • Repeat this activity for 5 mins and continue to work fully rejuvenated.

Perform the above healing exercises for quick relief from tiredness or fatigue. However, we are more than happy to lend you ears if you want to talk out. Speak with our experts across the country and seek our help on matters related to health, relationships, work or what not.

We hope to have helped you in calming down your restlessness to some extent..For more insightful information on mental wellness, stress buster techniques, mindful daily routines, and speaking with our healers, follow us on https://www.misobo.in/mental-wellness/

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