8 benefits of energy healing

You may have heard the words aura or space quite a lot in the general talking sense. This space surrounding a human body has an energy field of its own, often influenced by negative vibrations causing despair. Energy healing is basically the process of cleansing and detoxifying these invisible forces and energy patterns so that they work in accordance with the body and create a positive impact. 

While there are a lot of energy healing techniques like Reiki, contact healing or therapeutic touch, it’s more crucial to understand the benefits that energy healing causes. Let’s take you through some key benefits of the process- 

  • Balances the mind and body– Energy healing not only targets the physical being, rather uplifts the inner spectra i.e. mind, body and soul. The infused positive energy influences the practitioner’s general attitude towards life, improves their decision making abilities, problem solving skills and overall perspective making it positive.
  • Unblocks the energy pathways- Energy healing ensures that the positive energy is transmitted throughout the body. Often, there are barriers in the pathways of this energy in terms of past bad experiences, rigid human behavior, emotional distress or ambiguity of thoughts. Healing unlocks these pathways and provides clarity of thoughts by keeping these passages clear.
  • Helps to live in the present- Anxiety and fear of unknown are the two crucial aspects that affect one’s emotional well being to the core. Both of these are a result of unfavorable experiences from the past or worries about the future, which hold no control over. Healing helps to focus on the current mind state and gives a sense of embracing events with a positive attitude as and when life unfolds.
  • Detoxification- Our mind and body becomes a hoarder of the negative vibrations one throws towards us. These emotions result into a number of setbacks like anxiety, trouble sleeping, unrest or fatigue. Not only does this negative energy has a negative impact our body, but also drains out our mind causing exhaustion, mood swings, or immune system breakdown. Energy healing helps to detoxify the energy flowing within our body and around us, and wipes off the negativity.
  • Improvised Focus- Healing therapies helps to clear the pending or ambiguous thoughts in mind. It puts an ending to the huge and unnecessary heap of superficial problems created due to over thinking by channelizing the energy towards a more productive medium. Hence, it leads to improvement in the concentration power and focus.
  • Fuels up the healing rate- Everybody has a self healing mechanism, the rate of which might differ due to distinct pattern of energies prevalent in the mind and body. Healing energy helps to gain a grip over the bodily problems like high or low blood pressure, breathing issues, blood circulation, thus helping one to attain a natural state which further accelerates the rate of self healing.
  • Helps in Socializing: Energy healing fuels up the release of Oxytocin- The calming hormone, which triggers a sense of trust and social bonding among people, and further helps in maintaining healthy relationships giving no room for misconceptions or pre conceived notions. A practitioner of energy healing therapies develops the quality of compassion and right amount of care for fellow beings.
  • Improves intra personal relationship: Not only does healing helps to improve the relationships with the fellow beings, but also improvises your relationship with inner self. The inner voice is the voice of conscience and acts as a guiding light for you to achieve your goals and happiness. Healing acts a bridge between you and your inner voice. If the energy flowing within your body is positive, you always tend to hear to your inner voice and take informed and calculated decisions.

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