8 mindfulness habits you can practice everyday

Mindfulness is the simple feeling of awareness. Being able to live in the moment and appreciate the present, rather than dwelling in the regrets of past or worries about the future. With the ever increasing hustle and bustle of modern day routine, it has become very crucial to practice mindfulness as it helps to eradicate stress and ensures a balanced life.

As simple as the word sounds, the more critical it is to actually imply and follow mindfulness in the everyday routine. Let us take you through a few simple life hacks aiming towards adopting a mindful and comprehensive thought process-

  • Sit back and relax-

 Before starting the day and juggling between the everyday chores, spare a few minutes for yourself and sit comfortably, putting a pause to the ongoing traffic of thoughts in your head. Realize that it’s a new morning and anything that has happened yesterday has nothing to do with how you plan today’s schedule. Prepare yourself for the important happenings of today and make a promise of staying positive throughout the day, irrespective of what unfolds.

  • Focus on your breathe cycle- 

Gaining an edge over the prana vayu is the most important concept of mindful living and self healing. One who is conscious about his breathing pattern, gets an awareness about living in the present. While sitting in a relaxing posture before beginning the day, take a few deep breaths (inhale-stop-exhale) and be aware about the present moment. Not only this activity helps as a stress buster, but also clears the blocked passages in your brain and ensures that oxygen is carried to each body part.

  • Learn from Nature

 You do not need to create a hole in your pocket while travelling outdoors for learning from nature. A morning stroll in the neighborhood, an evening walk to a nearby farm or park, or a simple sky gazing activity at your terrace is sufficed for you to realize the beauty of almighty’s creations. Feel the breeze in your face, see the flowers bloom, experience the seasons change, and become aware about your presence and importance. While the different personifications of nature are performing their duties, you being fortunate enough to have taken birth in a human race, definitely have a purpose behind your existence. Realize your self worth..!

  • Meditate- 

The process of connecting with the real self can be termed as meditation. It comes with due course of time and practice, as shutting down the worldly distractions is not an easy task. While for some people, performing yoga can be a form of meditation, for others, creating an art piece can be meditating. Anything that disconnects you from the negativity of outside world and gives you ample of opportunity to explore within yourself, is a mindful habit.

  • Stop multi tasking- 

While the corporate culture today demands of more and more multi tasking professionals, it is important to know that mindfulness never comes with a multi tasking attitude. Switching between various tasks and never being able to accomplish any one, leads to uncalled stress, delays, and errors. Mindfulness calls for picking up a single task at a time, and being accountable to complete it with a greater degree of accuracy. 

  • Take a deep sleep- 

It can be interesting to know that sleeping is also a form of meditation. A deep sleep not only relaxes the senses, but also rejuvenates the mind and body to the core. While one is sleeping, the rate of metabolism in the brain fuels up leading to the growth and development of the human body. This is why one can continue to work with full energy and zeal after being awake from the sleep.

  • Be Kind & Compassionate- 

Nothing is better than extending a helping hand to someone in need. To put an end to ones’ own despair, it’s always important to listen to those who are in a worse situation and feel thankful for your current state. Volunteering, offering advice, making donations makes you considerate and fills your heart with compassion and gratitude. No feeling is as gratifying as is the feeling of being kind.

  • Let the feelings flow-

 One of the most aspects of being mindful is to embrace who you are and what you feel. Irrespective of whether you are encountering affirmative emotions or gloom ridden sentiments, it’s important to acknowledge them all. Resisting a particular emotional response to a situation is not mindfulness, rather letting the emotions flow freely is part of evolving.

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