9 Ways to Get Rid of Anxiety in 5 Minutes or Less

While you are feeling anxious and caught up in a situation of stress or tension, unknowingly you might do activities that add up to your anxiety levels, further deteriorating your present state. Higher levels of anxiety result in panic attacks, sweating, trembling or even fatigue. However, you may follow the below hacks that help in reducing the anxiety levels instantly.

Question yourself- While you are feeling anxious or angry about something, the brain tends to function in a repulsive manner. You start visualizing hypothetical things and unrealistic thoughts. As soon as you get these outlandish ideas, start questioning yourself if the worry is realistic, or whether the consequences you are thinking would actually occur, or what could be the worst case scenario and what harm it can do to you. You will feel an immediate sense of calm and relief from stress once you are being reasonable.

Distract yourself- Withdraw yourself from the current state and try to set your focus on something else. Listen to music, get some fresh air, have a glass of water or grab yourself something to munch. Distracting helps to break the ongoing pattern of negativity around you and gives immediate relief from anxiety.

Visualization therapy- Visualize yourself at a peaceful place, among the mountains or at a beach watching a sunset. Imagine that the clouds passing by or the shuttling leaves are your emotions and watch them float by. Now, realize the fact that your present state of mind is temporary and the anxiety shall go away soon.

Monkey stretch- This exercise helps to unblock the passage taking energy to different parts of the body and releases the stuck tension. Bring your hands in front of you (arms stretched), then put the arms down. Then bring your arms to your side and then down. Finally bring the arms all the way past your head and then put down, with your head dangling between your knees, and stay in this posture for a while.

The triple five activity- While you are feeling anxious, perform the triple 5 activity to gain a grip over the senses and situation. Look around and name any five things you see, list any five sounds you hear and move any 5 parts of the body (rotate your shoulders, nod your head, clap your hands etc) . This activity helps to lower the anxiety levels instantly.

Focus on the present- While anxiety drifts in, the most common thought that terrifies people is the fear about future. People get worried about the overcomes of something that might not ever happen. For instance, what if it’s not a panic attack and rather a heart attack. However in such a situation, one needs to pause, break and re focus. If the present state actually has difficult or challenging outcomes, focusing on the situation with a relaxed state of mind might help to provide solutions.

Superman pose- The superman pose or the airplane posture helps to gain relaxation from stress and improves the ability to focus. Keep your arms and hands stretched out in front of you and lie on the floor keeping your belly inwards. Extend your arms in front of you and legs towards the back side and hold them straight. Stay in this posture for about 10 secs to feel instant calm.

The breathe work- Perform the 4 square exercise to seek immediate relief from anxiety. Inhale, hold and exhale all up to the count of four. Rest upto the count of four and begin with the step one. Make sure that the breathe work is done from diaphragm and not nose. This breathing exercise helps to calm down the over aroused anxious state of mind.
Be the third person- While you are feeling anxious or stressed about something, detach yourself from the moment and visualize your reaction as a third person who is not a part of this happening. Realize and do a small talk with yourself, whether the current behaving pattern you are following is correct or not. Is the happening worthy of giving so much anxiety to you? What would be your advice to a friend of yours stuck in a similar situation. This activity lowers down the anxiety levels instantly.

Hyper tension or anxiety is never good to a human body, mind or soul and demands immediate attention. Follow the above steps to get rid of anxiety levels in lesser than 5 minutes. However, if it keeps coming to you, do consult a therapist or a healer to figure out the root cause and know the best possible remedies for it. For more insightful information on mental wellness, stress buster techniques, mindful daily routines, and speaking with our healers, follow us on https://www.misobo.in/mental-wellness/

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